WeClub – The Best in Online Casinos in Asia

The market in online gambling in Asia is booming at the moment. Among the many pretenders to the crown of the best online casino sites is the up-and-coming Malaysian company WeClub. WeClub offers a diverse range of services, including Hunt Fish, 4D Lottery, Slots, Live Dealers Casino, and Sports betting. The site stops at nothingContinue reading “WeClub – The Best in Online Casinos in Asia”

Our guide to the best slots games

Whether you’re visiting a land-based or online casino, the number of slot machines can be overwhelming. You have reel-based machines and video machines, some with progressive jackpots. It can be difficult to know which one to choose. There are some important differences between different types of slot machines. With all the options, though, there’s oneContinue reading “Our guide to the best slots games”

Summer 2020 Slots Preview

Compared to any other online casino game video slots are infinitely more flexible in terms of theme, and this makes them way more appealing to players who like to match their gambling experience with the seasonal changes in weather and general feeling. It is true; with online slots you really can sync your reel spinningContinue reading “Summer 2020 Slots Preview”

Comparing Traditional vs. Modern Slots

Modern slots may have very similar features to traditional slots, but they have come a long way. Mechanical Vs Electrical Traditional slot machines were purely mechanical and had to be operated through the use of a lever. To set the reels in motion players had to pull down the lever. This lever could also beContinue reading “Comparing Traditional vs. Modern Slots”

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